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A tipping point for sustainable engagement in the decision-making process of governance

Learn about the stimulus recovery initiative five year plan (2025) and stakeholder engagement strategy

Stimulus recovery initiative

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The Next Major Civic Innovation
In The Dawn Of The  21st Century

Advocacy America is committed to creating a tipping point for reliable and sustainable community engagement in the United States and in the world.

Advocacy America focuses on campaigns and initiatives of critical importance. 

Public and community engagement strategies offered by Advocacy America include:

Expertise in the areas of facilitation, public policy, data gathering;

Interactions with local-national-international governmental decision-making bodies and policy leaders;

Participation by/with private, public, philanthropic, nonprofit, investment and for-profit entities that include but are not limited to: individuals, groups, ministries, initiatives, projects, programs, and networks;

Strategic, situational communications that include an independent media capability for high-performing, measurable results.

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